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If you’re starting your research into family lawyers and feel incredibly overwhelmed with the ambiguity and complexity of prices, services, and time – you’re not alone.

When it comes to family law, everyone knows their situation is unique to their lives. According to traditional legal services, every client pays the same hourly rate no matter the complexity of the service required. The process is often costly, and many turn to self-representation to save money and time. Without legal training, this can be a pretty risky way to approach such a crucial time in your life. We’ve seen this happen for years, and that’s why our team is here to provide a new look at hiring a lawyer: one that is easily affordable, respects your schedule, and modern to meet your individual needs. Powered by the award-winning AP Lawyers, working with us guarantees you top quality legal services that you can trust are reasonably priced and perfect for you.

With Lawyers on Request, you’re in complete control over how much input you want from us. Want a few questions answered before self representing yourself in court? There’s a package for that. Meet with us once, and realize you would be more comfortable with us joining you in your trial? There’s a package for that. Essentially, you pay reduced upfront rates that pertain to your needs and your needs alone. Its hassle free – we can suggest to you what our experience has shown you’ll need from us, but the decision is entirely in your hands.

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It’s all too easy to break the bank when retainers are involved. To decrease the risk of this, and eliminate the dread of not knowing what’s left in your retainer, we offer flat rates. This way, you pay once and never worry about further fees.


Law is often seen as a flashy industry (thanks, suits), but the reality tends to be stuffy practices that fail to meet the changing needs of customers. Would it be easier for you to skype us from home? Do you want email receipts and appointment confirmations? Are you living far from our offices and are unable to be in appointments in person? That’s where we come in. We’re constantly looking for the best way to serve our customers, so you can trust that we can adjust to any need you may have: we’re lawyers, on request.

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Another misconception many people have regarding lawyers is their unapproachability. We at Lawyers on Request have taken a different approach to law, one that is vibrant and fun. No, requiring a family lawyer is never easy, but allow us to relieve a bit of your stress by making sure you’re comfortable and feel respected. We treat our clients like our own family, whether you’re dropping by for a brief consultation or an ongoing matter.

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    "Angela Princewill is the best lawyer I know. She is very dedicated to getting her clients the results they want. I will recommend her services anytime."

    - Regina Ohunta

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