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Yes we are happy to offer unbundling services at A. Princewill Law Firm.

Under the Ontario Family Law Act to “cohabit” means to live together in a conjugal relationship, whether within or outside marriage. Section 53(1) of the Family Law Act explains a cohabitation agreement is one between two individuals who currently or intend to cohabit and are not married. The agreement is one concerning their rights and obligations while cohabiting, after a separation or following the death of one of the cohabiters. These rights and obligations include things such as; the ownership in or division of property, support obligations, directing the education of the children (not including the right to custody following a separation) as well as other matters associated with the settlement of the couples affairs.

In the event a couple with a prior cohabitation agreement gets married, that agreement will become a marriage agreement as per the Family Law Act s. 53(2)

There is a lot that goes into a divorce or separation proceeding and it can be complicated. As a result, it is important to be prepared and informed before initiating such a process. Upon telling your spouse or partner of your intentions they will likely seek the advice of legal counsel and as a result it would be wise to seek your own legal counsel prior to informing your partner. The amount of material required for a separation or divorce means it may be difficult to compile all of the necessary records in a small amount of time. Therefore, before you inform your spouse or partner you will want to compile as many of these documents as possible to ensure a clean and speedy process with less problems along the way. Things to compile include income tax receipts, pay stubs from your employer and a valuation of your various assets. These are not all the documents necessary that is why it is best to speak with a lawyer to ensure you have everything you need before informing your spouse or partner of your intentions.

What steps are involved in a divorce/separation?

Yes they can. Canada has extended its Pilot Program which offers a Work Permit to certain sponsored spouses/partners!


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