Silver Package

When family matters get complicated, there are often hours of back and forth between both parties – and their lawyers. Rather than dreading the hourly fees for phone calls and emails, this package gives you the ability to give us a call or shoot us an email – 10 times/emails for one flat fee.

  • Don’t worry- we don’t have a specific word count per email or second count per call. If you’re wondering what constitutes either, here are a few rough guidelines:
  • 30 mins spent on an email: 1 email
    • if you send us 50 question that requires an entire day to reply, we’ll warn you that this may exhaust many of your 10 pack.
    • 30 mins spent on an email: 1 email
  • Price: $1000 – 10 emails

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"Angela Princewill is the best lawyer I know. She is very dedicated to getting her clients the results they want. I will recommend her services anytime."

- Regina Ohunta

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