Join Canada’s top Selenium “in-class” Training Program for Beginners. This program is purely designed for individuals who want to start their IT career in Selenium, or for manual testers who are looking to step up their skill set with Selenium. Our program includes hands-on training with a Live Project experience.

Resolve6 offers in-class Selenium Course, which will train and align test specialists to deliver test automation solutions using Selenium. Selenium is currently one of the most popular Automated Testing suites in the market. Selenium is designed to support and encourage Automation Testing of all the functional aspects of web-based applications on a wide range of browsers and platforms. Due to its existence as an open source tool, it has become one of the most accepted tools among the testing projects.

Selenium Intro Resolve6 Job Placements

As part of this six week (36 hours) course, the following will be covered.

Core Java
Build Basic level understaning on Java

Selenium IDE
Install Selenium IDE and FireBug
Introduction to Selenium IDE
Creating your First Selenium IDE script
How to use Locators in Selenium IDE
How to enhance a script using Selenium IDE
How to Store Variables, Echo, Alert, PopUp handling in Selenium IDE

Introduction to WebDriver & Comparison with Selenium RC
Guide to install Selenium WebDriver
Creating your First Script in Webdriver
Accessing Forms in Webdriver
How to Select Option from DropDown using Selenium Webdriver
Accessing Links & Tables using Selenium Webdriver
Keyboard & Mouse Event using Action Class in Selenium Webdriver
How to Upload & Download a File using Selenium Webdriver
XPath in Selenium: Complete Guide
How TestNG makes Selenium tests easier
Handling Date Time Picker using Selenium
Alert & Popup handling in Selenium
Handling Dynamic Web Tables Using Selenium WebDriver
Using Contains, Sibling, Ancestor to Find Element in Selenium
Implicit & Explicit Waits in Selenium

Advance Webdriver

Parameterization using XML and DataProviders: Selenium
All About Excel in Selenium: POI & JXL
Page Object Model (POM) & Page Factory in Selenium: Ultimate Guide
Introduction to Selenium Grid
Maven & Jenkins with Selenium: Complete Tutorial
Creating Keyword & Hybrid Frameworks with Selenium
Database Testing using Selenium: Step by Step Guide
Handling Iframes in Selenium
Cross Browser Testing using Selenium
PDF , Emails and Screenshot of Test Reports in Selenium
How to Take Screenshot in Selenium WebDriver
Sessions, Parallel run and Dependency in Selenium
Tutorial on Log4j and LogExpert with Selenium
Selenium with HTMLUnit Driver & PhantomJS
Using Robot API with Selenium
How to use AutoIT with Selenium
Desired Capabilities in Selenium
SSL Certificate Error Handling in Selenium
Handling Ajax call in Selenium Webdriver
Listeners and their use in Selenium WebDriver
Execute JavaScript based code using Selenium Webdriver
Using Selenium with Python
How to use intelliJ & Selenium Webdriver
Verify Tooltip Using Selenium WebDriver
Flash Testing with Selenium
How to Find Broken links using Selenium Webdriver
Selenium Core Extensions
Using Apache Ant with Selenium
Using Selenium with Github
Handling Cookies in Selenium WebDriver
Using SoapUI with Selenium
XSLT Report in Selenium
Firefox Profile – Selenium WebDriver
Breakpoints and Startpoints in Selenium
Top 100 Selenium Interview Questions & Answers
Using Cucumber with Selenium
Drag and Drop action in Selenium
Selenium C# Webdriver Tutorial for Beginners
Creating Object Repository in Selenium WebDriver
Scroll UP or Down a page in Selenium Webdriver
File Upload using Sikuli in Selenium Webdriver

Working with Selenium Automation Test Frameworks

Test Case Priority in TestNG
TestNG: Execute multiple test suites
Introduction to TestNG Groups

Live Selenium Project

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